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Banshee Stator Modification





These are detailed instructions on how to reroute the ground wire or "float the ground" on your stock Banshee stator required for a DC conversion. Below is a list of things you will need to do this:

1. Ulility Blade or Hobby knife

2.Soldering iron or Soldering station

3. 2 inches of 1/8 or 1/4 inch heat shrink tube

4. 12 inches of 18awg stranded wire


1. Locate the ground terminal on your stator. It is the only terminal with a wire not connected to it. 


2. Using a utility blade, hobby knife, or a hot soldering iron, scrape or melt away the factory epoxy covering the wire connected to the ground terminal.


3. Once you have removed enough of the epoxy, cut the wire  free as close as you can to the terminal.

4. You can pull the wire away from the terminal to give yourself a little room to work. Once you have the wire far enough away, remove any left over epoxy from the end leaving the wire clean for solder.


5. You will need approximatly 12 inches of 18awg wire. I prefer to use black. Strip about 1/4 inch of the wire and solder it on to the epoxy free ground wire.


6. Once you have soldered your wire to the ground wire, slide a piece of heat shrink tube over all exposed wire and melt it.


7.Now that your wire is covered, wind the wire in and out of the terminals up towards the rest of the wires coming off of your stator. I like to follow the green wire.


8. Once you get up towards the rest of the wires, if possible run your wire through the wire clap like the rest of the wire as i did in the picture below. 


9. Now that you have the wire routed, cut the existing black ground wire  where it is connected to the grounding clamp.


10. Now that you have the wire connecting to the ground clamp cut, strip it about 1/4 inch. Take your wire that you routed and cut the excess off of it so it is the correct length to solder onto the existing ground wire and strip it 1/4 inch. Before you solder the two wires together, slide a piece of heat shrink over one of the wires. If you do not slide it over first, you will not be able to once the wires are soldered together.  Solder the two wires together.


11. Once you have a nice solder connection, slide the heat shrink tube over the exposed wire and melt it.



12. I like to use a small zip tie and tie all the wires together to keep it all nice and neat.



13. Thats it, you have just floated the ground on your stator. When you install your stator back onto your motor, be sure to use a thread lock such as Loctite on the bolts holding the stator to the timing plate.