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DC Conversion Kit
DC Conversion KIT


This is a very simple solution for those of you who would like to run LED lights and/or light bars.

Turn your stator into a DC producing unit by simply floating the ground (instructions attached, or we can do it for you)

We will provide the bracket, battery, and all wiring needed to simply put this system in line with your factory wire harness… Your stator will now act like an automotive alternator and charge your battery.

The bracket, battery, and rectifier mount nice and cleanly between your gas tank and seat (will not work with stock air box lid)

Once installed – you can enjoy the benefits of non-flickering lights, and being able to run your lights without the machine running.


All Conversion Kits will be powder coated Black as seen in the pictures below.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or text us @ 909-843-5847