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Front Led Bumper
Yamaha Banshee Front Bumper Grab Bar Quad Bumper with LED LIGHTS
JL Engineering is now offering our Custom JL Banshee Front LED Bumper for the Yamaha YFZ350. This is a fully functional bumper with an LED built in.
We build these bumpers to order so you have the option to choose the right colors that suite your bike best. You can you choose the color of the bumper side plates as well as the cross bars. 
The LED Light bar is 30watt 2500 lumen BRIGHT WHITE.
As your stock Banshee electrical system will power this light, it will act just like your stock lights meaning when your bike is at an idle the light will flicker. As the bikes RPM's go up so does the brightness. To avoid this, it is recommended that a DC conversion is done to your bike and a battery be added for optimal performance. If you are unsure on this feel free to contact me.
The housing unit comes in standard Semi Black so please take that into account when picking your side plate and bar color options.
We do build all bumpers to order and try to have all orders out within 10 business days. If for some reason we can not meet the 10 business day dead line we will contact you.
If you need to contact us please give us a call or text @ 909-843-5847